3 Latest UI/UX Design Trends That You Should Know in 2021

Users visit tons of websites every day, and businesses have to show extra creativity to draw their attention. Entrepreneurs focus on the visual appeal and usability of their web solutions to make users stay there. Also, they keep an eye on the latest UI trends to stay in the game.

Let’s now explore the leading UI/UX design trends of 2021 in detail and see how popular brands successfully implement them.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism stands proudly among the latest UI trends and is not going to lose ground. Every day people come across various advertisements. They see discount ads and get constant notifications. Also, consumers interact with different interfaces that are overwhelmed with information.

To avoid such overload, web designers are always searching for new ways to make graphic elements simpler. They limit the number of colors, try different proportions and compositions.

Today the functionality of elements plays a paramount role. It is crucial to highlight the best qualities of a product properly and convey the right emotions from its usage to customers. Components that designers use for decorative purposes only become irrelevant.

A hair and body care brand Ray created a simple and elegant web design using this user interface trend.

Another example of the minimalistic UI trend from a Japanese brand Syan.

Minimalism as a web design trend implemented by Syan

2. Simplified UX

In 2021, you should not complicate interfaces and force users to take extra actions. Try to minimize the number of elements and fields that customers should fill out.

Simplified registration and signing in became one of the latest UX trends. For example, when logging in to their marketplace account, users can enter their phone number. They no longer need to remember another password.

Thus, Apple followed this recent UX trend and made a custom button that helps avoid extra registration steps. By clicking the button, you choose whether you want a website to see your e-mail or not. One moment and you are already logged in.

Below you can see how IFTTT implemented this user experience trend and make the registration process much easier.

Simplified UX as a web design trend by IFTTT

3. Blurred, Colorful Background

The trend with different styles of using gradients was popular in the past and remains a relevant UI trend to this day.

Now gradients are becoming lighter, but at the same time, they look much more complex. The thing is that earlier, designers used about 2-3 colors in linear gradients. Now the number of colors can be increased up to 10. In addition, an overlay can be used.

Such gradients cause a temperamental outburst because they are so colorful. That is why designers from many famous companies such as Stripe or MyMind enjoy using them.

An animation studio Panic strikingly shows how to use the colorful background UI design trend on a website.

Colorful background as a web design by Panic

A financial services and software as a service (SaaS) company Stripe also knows how to implement one of the latest UI trends successfully. On their website, we can see an example of a complex blurred background that consists of several colors.

Blurred background as a web design by Stripe

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