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I help businesses to convert their ideas into successful mobile applications and websites through strategic designing, creativity and technology.


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My values

Be inspiration!

The quality of my design is а direct result of inspiration and work satisfaction. My goal is to spread inspiration to more and more people by every single piece of work I do. This is why I freelance only for modern and innovative projects. Do you have such an idea?

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Expertise and honesty

Client is always right? Yes... Except the case when you lack expertise & knowledge in areas where I have been developing expertise for years. It is important for me to be able to openly correct your design... In order to save your project before it drowns.

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Social responsibility

I know that we all share responsibility for the common good of our home – planet Earth. This is why I freelance with businesses that do not deceive the end customer, do not harm nature and add social value.

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Тhe workflow
what are the secret ingredients?

1. Finding out your
business needs.

Adequate design solutions come up, when I have detailed information about your business. Getting this is done by asking you the right questions and careful listening to your answers... While drinking my tea!

2. Create design

Discussing and testing different concepts is very important at an early stage. Thus avoiding potential errors and giving you the optimal results. Let's do some hustling? ;)

3. A pinch of design magic
for awesome results.

First I meditate, then concentrate on the chosen concept, and spend enough time + experience. Together we polish the last details until we get a visually appealing design.

Fn(x) = ...

4. Forming a team for
development. Testing.

No matter whether you have a team of developers or make use of my Web/Mobile Development contact network - it's always advisable to have the final product tested by the designer. I also need quality projects for my portfolio, right? :)

Client Testimonials

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  • Rajiv has made several logos for my company. He has listened to my needs and came up with good examples how to make my logo stand out.

    Satender Bhaker
    Founder of Viewtripholiday
  • Rajiv is someone who knows the job and executes it precisely. Very innovative and resonates with your thought process

    Rajan Sharma
    CEO of Therfpcompany
  • I am extremely pleased with the work of Rajiv Kumar. His work is highly creative, and he had professional and correct attitude. I have no remarks and I would again use his web design services. I strongly recommend him!

    Swati Yadav
    Manager at
  • Rajiv designed and built our website from the ground up. He had a clear vision about the final product from the very beginning and it was a great pleasure to see him transforming it into reality.

    Praveen Kumar
    Founder of AAATeams
  • The work Rajiv provided was high quality and worth the costs. He delivered in short period of time and responded quickly. The Website looks great and I'm super happy!

    Rajesh Sharma
    Owner of The Visual House
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